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After completing her two-year international baccalaureate in Mexico, Elise returned to Canada, and moved to Vancouver to start her bachelors in international relations. Interested by the Sino-Canadian socio-political relationship, she began to study Mandarin, and to study Chinese politics.

She was one of four students to receive the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship in 2010, which led her to study in Taipei, Taiwan over that summer. She then decided to move to southern China to work in community development -notably working with orphans in Guanxi province.

In 2011, she spent half a year studying and living in Geneva Switzerland, where she began to study international law, and had the opportunity to volunteer at the United Nations as a simultaneous interpreter. Her experience in Geneva inspired her career shift towards human rights, a passion she materialized throughout her masters’ degree in human rights policy and practice. For the purpose of her postgraduate studies, she lived and worked in Sweden, England, Norway, and New Zealand allowing her to better understand immigration, and human rights policies across these countries.

Elise also had the chance to work for National Immigration Support Services assisting refugees and asylum seekers in Australia prior to her return to Montreal. She is eager to continue advocating for the human rights of immigrants, and assisting them to the best of her capacities through her work at Chalk Immigration.

Areas of expertise

Administrative assistance

 Academic Profile

M.A., Erasmus Mundus Masters in Human Rights Policy and Practice, Roehampton University, Goteborg Universitetet, and University of the Arctic in Tromso, 2014-2016.

B.A., Bachelors in International Relations with specialization in Political Science, University of British Columbia, 2010-2014.

I.B., International Baccalaureate in Spanish in Toluca, Mexico, 2008-2010.

Honours and Distinctions 

European Union Full-Tuition Scholarship for the Erasmus Mundus Masters

Masters’ Thesis won the Annual Freedom of Speech (Fritt Ord) Contest in Norway


French, English, Spanish, Swedish, and basics in Mandarin.

Contact Information 

Email: elise.escaravage@chalkimmigration.com

Phone: 514.316.8633

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